Breach Management by Managed Privacy Canada

MPC's Privacy Breach Simulations are the Industry's Best Table-Top Exercise

Why Simulate a Privacy Breach?

Conducting privacy breach exercises based on realistic cybersecurity scenarios is the best way to test any Incident Response Plan. The MPC Verify™ TTX brings together certified industry experts with client teams for a transformational experience that helps detect vulnerabilities and identify opportunities for improvement.

Breach Preparation

Managed Privacy Canada (MPC) makes it easy to prepare multidisciplinary teams for participation in a Verify™ TTX Privacy Breach Simulation, with interactive workshops and Incident Response Plan Reviews.

Breach Simulation

Verify™ TTX Privacy Breach Simulations enable client teams to participate in role-based exercises that test the incident response process and validate current procedures to identify opportunities for improvement.

Breach Education

MPC's professionally certified Risk Advisors always supplement the Verify™ TTX Privacy Breach Simulation with discussion sessions to debrief the joint team on lessons learned and build confidence for incident management.